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Engagement Stories

Engaged couple

Standing on the other side of the diamond counter, we not only get to hear some of the most heart-warming proposal stories but we’re lucky enough to actually be part of them.  Meet some of our favourite engagement couples from the Island Jewellers stores…


You’re both from the UK, did you meet here on island or did you come here together?

engaged couple
blue stone ring

Lee – We started dating about nine months before I got the opportunity to come out here to work. We already knew that we wanted to be together, so I asked Chanelle if she would consider relocating with me.

So the move was kind of a pre-proposal, but how did you know that you wanted to ask Chanelle to marry you?

Lee – I just knew she was the one. I’m always smiling around her, she makes me happy and I can just be myself. She makes my life easy.

Did you know that he was going to propose?

Chanelle – I had no idea.

Lee – I wanted it to be a surprise, but it was important to know her taste, so we would go shopping in George Town and look at rings together. I discovered that she didn’t like traditional diamond engagement rings and it seemed that sapphires were her favourite precious gem. Fortunately, I dealt with a gem professional named Rupesh at Island Jewellers and he told me once I started seriously shopping on my own that sapphires are the second hardest gemstone after diamonds, so the best choice for a coloured gemstone that will be worn every day.

Tell me about the day of the proposal.

Chanelle – Lee woke me up in the morning with this romantic story written on three pages about how hard we work and that he had booked us a staycation at the Kimpton
Seafire. He’s pretty romantic normally and often does gestures like this, so I wasn’t surprised. We went to the hotel and he had booked me into the spa. After the spa we went upstairs for me to change and the room was covered in rose petals.

Lee – Luckily Chanelle followed the petals out to the balcony as I had hoped and when she turned round I was down on one knee.

Chanelle – I just screamed and started jumping around! I guess that meant YES!

engaged couple

Christina & Mario

engaged couple
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Tell me about your engagement.

Mario – We had already been together for two years and Christina had moved away from the island to live with her sister in Tampa. We were visiting each other often, but after a few visits I realized that I just really wanted her to be here with me, so I started to plan the proposal.

Christina – We already knew we wanted to be together, but for him to make the decision completely and so soon was a huge surprise to me.

How did you start your search for the ring?

Mario – I honestly had no idea what style of ring Christina would like, but my friend worked at Island Jewellers and knew Christina well, so I trusted her to help me make the right choice.

Christina – He got it so right. I simply love the size of the diamond, the beautiful setting and the fit on my finger.

What details were important when planning the proposal?

Mario – We had planned a trip to Bush Gardens in Florida. We both love rollercoaster rides and I liked the fact that Christina’s family would be there with us. I thought about asking her on a rollercoaster, but that might be too risky with the ring! I did some research and found an excursion where you feed giraffes. It was important to me that it was memorable and what is more memorable and unique than a giraffe at your engagement?

What were people’s reactions?

Christina – It felt so weird to wear the ring and to think that I was a fiancée and now even a wife. I remember the day that Mario asked me there were strangers nearby even commenting on my beautiful ring – it felt so different on my finger, but now it feels different if I don’t have it on. Neither the ring nor the details of the wedding were that important to me. It’s the relationship and the marriage bond that matter, but I am truly blessed that the rings that I wear to represent those things are so beautiful.

engaged couple

Tito and Erika

engaged couple
Engagement ring

How did you meet each other and start dating?

Tito – Erica and I knew each other from flag football and I liked her, but she had no idea. There was an afterparty planned at the end of the football season and I asked her if she was coming.

Erica – I wasn’t sure if I was going or not, but I ended up there and at the end of the night Tito asked for my number. We started talking pretty much every day after that which led to a lunch date and then quickly we had the discussion that we would “make it official.”

Tito – We did everything very consciously. I was serious about Erica, but my daughter was only four years old at this point, so I had to do things right.

Erica – I was really nervous about meeting his daughter, but it just went so well. We both eased right into it.

Was the proposal a surprise?

Erica – We talked about it together. We even went to look at rings. It’s a huge investment and something that I will wear for the rest of my life, so I wanted to be involved in the decision.

Tito – It was important to me that Erica chose, but I wanted some element of surprise, so I went shopping by myself first. I knew the Hearts On Fire brand was considered one of the best diamond brands in the world and I wanted Erica to have the best, so I selected three styles and asked Erica to stop by and choose her favourite.

Erica – When I went to look at the three he had chosen, the sales person told me that he had a favourite and it was gorgeous and I really didn’t need to see it, I knew I could trust him and “he did good.” I didn’t want to be surprised and I wanted to see all three options. I knew right away, not only which one I loved, but that it was the one he had chosen.

Tito – For me, that was the sign that it was meant to be.

So both of you were involved in the decision to get married and choosing the ring, what about the proposal, was that a surprise?

Tito – We had a trip planned to Atlanta and I knew that I wanted to ask her during that trip.

Erica – I had an idea that he was going to ask me on the trip, but I assumed it would be at a football game that we were going to, but he completely surprised me because he asked me before the game! He had even told me on the flight there that he hadn’t been able to get the ring on time and that he didn’t want me to be disappointed, so I had honestly put it out of my mind. We had a dinner planned for his birthday which is Christmas Eve. He timed it so well, because there was an explanation for everything – We ordered champagne, but that wasn’t strange because we were celebrating his birthday, but now that I think back, the waiters were acting a little suspicious, I know now that they were in on the surprise.

Tito – When Erica turned around to chat to her cousin, I got down on one knee and said “I know that we’ve been talking about this for a long time, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you” Erica – I kept nodding, but I couldn’t get the words out to say yes. How did everyone react to the news?

Erica – Everyone in the restaurant was applauding and it was really special and important to me that we had family there. When I called the rest of my family they told me they had been waiting all night! He had asked my parents’ permission and that was really important to me. Tito – This was quite difficult for me to do as I’m not a particularly traditional person, but it was really important to her, so I wanted to make sure that I did.


Erica – We have three possible dates. In fact, we might even be married by the time this magazine comes out! I just want it to be perfect.

Tito – I just want to be married, add to our family and wear my ring!

engaged couple

Tishan & AJ

engaged couple
How and when did you both meet?

Tishan – Well, we knew of each other before we started dating. In fact, I think our friends knew we liked each other long before we actually figured it out.

AJ – We were in a group chat together with other friends and they kept asking us privately if we were dating. We probably have them to thank for us getting together.

So tell me how you decided on the details of the proposal…

AJ – We had a trip planned to Disneyworld with Tishan’s daughter (Taysia) and I couldn’t think of a more romantic place to ask her this important question. It was also really important to me that Taysia was there as I was technically proposing to both of them.

How did you chose the ring?

AJ – Months before the trip I took Tishan’s cousin ring shopping. I knew that Tishan liked yellow gold and I was working with that, but I personally preferred white and when I asked her cousin’s opinion, she agreed. I had seen and liked a few rings, but then I met Rupesh at Island Jewellers in Camana Bay and he explained the 4 C’s and how to choose a diamond. Once I had more insight into different qualities of diamonds, I felt more confident to choose. Colour was really important to me when I compared them side by side, so I chose an E colour (one of the best)

Tishan – AJ is very meticulous and always wants the best of the best, so the ring is no surprise. I would have said yes regardless of the ring, but I love it and love wearing it!

Who knew that you were planning to ask Tishan to marry you?

AJ – Of course her cousin and then I asked her parents’ permission. I didn’t want to tell Taysia because I was frightened she would tell Tishan and give away the surprise, but when I proposed I actually asked Taysia first. I got down on one knee and showed her the ring and told her that this was something that I really wanted her to be here for.

Tishan – I wondered what he was doing, but Taysia worked it out right away and started smiling. I didn’t hear him ask me to marry him, although he swears he did. I just saw the ring and said YES!

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