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Ocean Fire Opal

Ocean Fire Jewelry

Sunday Morning Sandbar

Sunday Morning Jewelry

On your journey from the west side of the Cayman Islands, heading towards the north, there is a magical moment when the water turns into the most incredible shades of turquoise. You are headed to a place miles off shore where the water is waist deep and enormous Stingrays greet you. To the cruise ships, it’s called Stingray City, to those lucky enough to spend time here, it is simply known as Sandbar. The shallow water creates colors so intense your mind can hardly recreate the scene. The Opals hand selected for the Sunday Morning Collection feature the colors of this dazzling natural wonder. Where blue sky meets clear turquoise water and beyond. Our Opals perfectly mimic the dynamic colors found around the wondrous Sunday Morning Sandbar, a memory you can keep forever.

Seven Mile Sunset

Sunset Collection jewelry

Your toes in the sand and your eyes on the horizon watching the sun sink into the sea. Mother Nature paints her colors across the ocean and the sky, ever changing, always breathtaking. If you’re lucky enough to witness a cloudless horizon, you might be able to experience the Green Flash, a phenomenon that occurs during the last seconds before the sun disappears. Just like the sunsets of Seven Mile Beach, no two Opals are ever the same. The Opals hand selected for the Seven Mile Sunset Collection feature bright flashes of reds, oranges, blues and greens. A treasured reminder of the dramatic sunsets of Seven Mile.

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Beyond the Wall

turtle swimming in water

Diving the Wall in Cayman is an experience like no other. Massive coral covered mountains rise up from sandy plains thousands of feet below. To many, the best diving in the world is here in the Cayman Islands. Speak to a seasoned driver and they will talk of a blue that is so indescribable, so hypnotizing it can give the overwhelming sensation of being lost in the color itself. These bold shades of indigo can only be witnessed when diving beyond the wall. The intense blues of the Opal in our Beyond the Wall Collection capture the colors and intensity of diving to unfathomable depths in the Cayman Islands. A treasure of your amazing adventure and a reminder of blues so perfect they can only be recreated by nature itself, in the stunning Opal of our Beyond the Wall Collection.


Available exclusively at Island Jewellers

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