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Miss Cayman Interview

Miss Cayman Interview


Caitlyn Tyson

No stranger to the stage, Caitlin Tyson wowed the judges (and the audience) to take the title of Miss Universe Cayman Islands in August 2018.

With a degree in acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, countless modeling achievements, a published poet and qualified yoga instructor, it seems that this young lady is not afraid of challenge and personal growth. “This is the most important position that I have ever held. I have always felt like an ambassador for my Island, telling everyone I meet abroad how naturally beautiful the island is, stories of growing up here and the special vibration that Cayman has, but now I officially represent the Cayman Islands. I get to do what I’ve always done on a wider scale.”

Miss Cayman Interview
Miss Cayman Interview

How do you feel your experience and background in acting helped you prepare for the competition?

CAITLIN – I’ve worked towards important goals in groups before at acting school and when I trained as a yoga instructor, but I’ve never been in direct competition with the other members of the group. To witness these strong and focused young women, who all really wanted to win was truly inspiring for me. In that environment it can be easy to lose focus of who you are and what your purpose is. As an actress one of the things that I learned was to strip down who I am and be comfortable with being completely vulnerable, because to play a character, you have to first know who you are. I am lucky enough that I have been able to really learn what my purpose is. Even though everything in life is temporary, that is the one thing that will remain the same. My purpose is my passion and it is what truly makes me happy. In knowing that, it gives me the strength to continue to be true to myself.

So, what is “your purpose”?

CAITLIN – My purpose is to be of service to others. Even in acting, it’s not the glitz and glamour that attracts me, I enjoy roles that will start a conversation or inspire a new idea, not necessarily to change minds, but to plant a seed. As Miss Universe Cayman Islands I have the chance not only to represent my Islands, but to be the voice of the charity that the pageant supported. It is a cause that is close to my heart as my as my Grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and he and my grandmother have had assistance and support from The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Association of Cayman. Already this important opportunity is allowing me to follow my passion and do what truly makes me happy.

From the peace and tranquility of East End, to the hustle and bustle of George Town, do you have any shopping tips for people visiting the island?

CAITLIN – Cayman is a small island, but our options are great, particularly in luxury fashion, jewellery and watches. We have so many choices and the quality that you can find here is generally high. The items that are on my wish list are any jewellery in the shape of Grand Cayman, preferably if it sparkles. I love the shape of my island and also that people ask about it when I wear it overseas and it gives me the chance to talk about where I’m from. Bracelet, earrings, pendant, anklet, toe ring, I don’t care! I’ll wear anything with Grand Cayman on it.


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