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Edward Teach

Rich, powerful, and dark.

History tells us that Edward Teach, the notorious “Blackbeard” captured a vessel at Grand Cayman in April 1718, and he was one of a number of famous men-of-the-sea who frequented the Caribbean waters during the age of piracy.

Edward teach Cayman Islands Rum is made completely by hand in George Town, Grand Cayman. The fermentation from molasses establishes a solid base delivering rich and complex flavors, the multi-layered nuances a result of the combination of the pot still and continuous distillation. The result is a rich, powerful and dark rum with typical aged rum notes: cedar, coffee and caramel with a buttery smoothness only tropically aged rums can deliver.

This limited release is not a blended rum but the product of a small, single oak barrel patiently aged for eight years. Each batch is hand bottled and individually numbered then dipped in wax to seal the true expression of quality aged rum. Enjoyed as a sipping rum neat or over ice.

Edward Teach Rum

Notes of cedar, coffee and caramel with a buttery smoothness.

Available in all Blackbeard’s stores and throughout the Cayman Islands. Mention ‘Shop Cayman’ and receive 10% off your Edward Teach Rum.

Rum Cake


If you have ever been to the Caribbean chances are you’ve had a rum cakes but have you had a Blackbeard’s Rum Cake?

Blackbeard’s Rum Cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients from a family recipe that has been handed down through the generations. They are baked every day and vacuum sealed to keep in the freshness.

They are hand dipped in authentic Blackbeard’s rum to impart the true flavor of the Caribbean. These rums are bottled and blended right here in the Cayman Islands using only the finest Caribbean Rum that has been aging in oak barrels which gives the cakes their distinctive Caribbean flavor.

They are amazing by themselves, but why not try adding some fresh fruits like strawberries or blueberries to liven your cakes up and you can never go wrong with a spoonful of ice cream to turn it into a favorite desert.

These Rum Cakes are only available for purchase here in the Cayman Islands and come in eight delicious flavors; Original, Traditional, Hurricane, Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Pina Colada and Spiced Rum & Raisin.

The perfect souvenir to take home from a trip to the Cayman Islands they are available in all Blackbeard’s retail stores as well as other selected retailers in large and small sizes.

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