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Celebrating Two Years of Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Polyn, Cayman’s biggest multi-business loyalty program for local residents is celebrating two years offering customers discounts and points that they can redeem for free items whenever they shop at participating stores.


Since its launch back in October in 2016, the program has seen nearly 20,000 members join by picking up a card in store or signing up on the Polyn website and downloading the mobile app. Collecting points is easy – you receive 1 point for every $1 you spend and even more if there’s a special promotion in store – and points can be redeemed towards absolutely anything you want in participating outlets.

Here’s what some Islanders have to say about Polyn:

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It truly makes every penny you spend valuable, I probably visit my local Blackbeard’s liquor store to get my favorite wines and spirits the most regularly, but my favorite store to shop at is Island Jewellers in Camana Bay. That’s where I recently treated myself to a pair of Konstantino earrings with some of my points. The staff always go to the extra miles, just like my Polyn card!



I have been a Polyn member since it launched a couple of years ago. It’s so simple to use, it’s basically free money. I have used it on the smallest of purchases at the liquor stores and the biggest of purchases at the Island Jewellers store in Camana Bay. Over time you don’t realize the amount of credit you are building and my points enabled me to buy gifts and alcohol for Christmas last year… why wouldn’t you use it?



I love that I can splurge on things like beautiful hard back cookbooks from Books & Books and earn points while I shop! When my polyn points also cover dinner party wine from Blackbeard’s or West Indies Wine Company it’s a real win-win!


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